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With the Northeast Ohio housing market booming it starts to beg the question: why do you renovate your home. There can be a number of legitimate answers to that. Some people invest in their home simply to improve their quality of life or to expand their living quarters. Others put money into a home to raise the market value, either to sell now or down the line. Then again some homeowners make changes to their house to improve it’s energy efficiency and thus recoup their investment by having substantially lower utility bills.

The truth is there is no ‘wrong’ reason to put money into your home and in fact advisers suggest it’s arguably the best investment you can make (along with buying land). The best home renovations in Cleveland will combine all three of the important factors in making your house more comfortable to live in while also improving the market value and becoming more energy-efficient.


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How to choose a Contractor

How to choose a Contractor?

Renovate Cleveland offers a number of projects both large and small for virtually any area of the home. We complete our work with attention to detail and with your best interests in mind. We can work together to find the ultimate solutions in making your house a liveable home or just preparing your property to sell. Some of our areas of expertise include:

Home Renovations

Cleveland offers almost the ideal housing market consisting of historic homes that represent our city’s rich history and new homes complete with the most modern amenities. Our home renovation projects find the perfect gray area between each spectrum. One of the best investments a homeowner can partake in is making an older home more energy efficient. Old, single-pane windows and thin insulation that was acceptable years ago is nothing more than a heating and cooling waste nowadays, especially in our hot Cleveland summers and bone-chilling Winters.

Home renovations can be performed not only inside the house in adding a second bathroom, building an addition, or converting an attic into a bedroom, important attention needs to be paid to external projects as well. Improving curb appeal is one of the best (and least expensive) ways to improve your home’s market value while making it more comfortable to live in. Outdoor decks, backyard BBQ’s, pergolas, walkways, and other projects expand your living space and make your home more enjoyable while also making your property more appealing and valuable.



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Kitchen Remodeling

9 out of 10 real estate agents will tell you that the kitchen is your home’s most important room (master bath being the other one). It is the spot that is used to entertain, for function to cook meals, and is often the first room guests view when entering your home depending on the layout. The kitchen is also one of the areas where you can add the most long-lasting value and recoup your remodeling investment in the fastest time.

Three things catch your eye in a kitchen – the floor, the countertops, and the cabinets. A thorough kitchen remodeling project will involve the demolition and replacement of each of these features but really upgrading any of the three will add instant appeal in the room. According to the Cost vs. Value Report a major kitchen remodel in Cleveland will recoup about 68.3% of the investment. Overall that’s not a horrible percentage as far as remodeling projects go but it doesn’t take into account if you replace your current old appliances with new energy saving ones. Sometimes you can recoup hundreds of dollars per year with an appliance upgrade which compounded by 5-10 years or more really starts paying itself off.

Bathroom Remodeling

There is a reason some market experts believe that a bathroom is almost more important than a kitchen. After all, not every homeowner cooks but they all use the restroom and shower. Adding a bathroom is only about a 57% profitable project in Cleveland but the convenience of an extra restroom, especially in large households, is priceless.

Some of our bathroom remodeling projects include replacing the floors, installing new vanities, swapping out for low-flow fixtures, and building walk-in showers. Most of these jobs are great for not only improving the looks and convenience of the bathroom, but also making it more energy efficient and lowering your water bills. Once again you don’t really know exactly how much your investment will actually save unless you evaluate how much your current fixtures are costing you. Either way, you’ll enjoy a bathroom that becomes a peaceful sanctuary – and so will potential buyers down the line.


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Basement Finishing


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Basement Finishing

Basement finishing is another one of our projects that converts ‘dead’ space into functional, liveable quarters. Almost any basement finishing project immediately improves the value and convenience of your home, even if it’s just adding a second bathroom down there. Some homeowners choose to add an additional bedroom in their basement while others opt to turn it into a ‘man cave’ for a place to yell at the Browns away from the regular part of the house.

Finishing a basement involves much more than framing up some walls and installing a waterproof floor. The first step we take is to make sure the area will not leak water, thus ruining any benefits gained from finishing the room. The way we accomplish this starts from the outside-in, making sure the grade outside pushes away from the home and that the gutters are in working order. From there we ensure the foundation is in functional condition and coat the interior walls with a waterproof seal and install a sump pump is needed. The result is a cozy area where you can yell at Browns games with the peace of mind that water will not protrude into the area.

Special Projects

Please contact us regarding any other special projects that may not be covered or that you’d like us to look at. We can perform almost any home renovation in your neighborhood, large or small. Some of our past remodels include adding a three seasons room, replacing a roof with shingles or metal, replacing windows and doors, installing new siding, building sheds, finishing garages, insulating, installing sky lights, building a home office, refinishing stairways, and many, many more.

At Renovate Cleveland we like to consider ourselves your friendly neighborhood contractor. When you book us for a project you can ensure our crew is polite and respectable but most importantly knowledgeable. We will explain the whole scope of the project for you and you’ll never incur any hidden fees in our work. We pride ourselves not only on craftsmanship but also communication. We’ll give you honest estimates and realistic timetables to complete the job. If we encounter issues such as rotted wood, mold, leaking pipes, etc we will work with you for the proper solution to fit your budget and to make sure your home is up to code.

One thing about home renovation jobs is that they are not a one-and-done project. You should always strive to improve a few things in your house each year – and we want to be there for you on each one building a long-lasting and professional relationship.

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